Energy procurement for an automotive supplier with a plant in Slovakia (2023) – KINECT ENERGY

DELTA EXERGY receives the order to take over the energy procurement for electricity for a global automotive supplier for the production facility in Slovakia. The company manufactures components at over 100 locations in 30 countries.

The global energy markets have changed dramatically over the past 12 months. The prices had reached absolute peak values ​​this year and some customers no longer received any delivery offers from their long-standing energy suppliers.

During this time, more and more companies are looking for the support of consulting companies with a strong focus on the procurement of energy for global companies in order to be able to overcome the current difficulties with acceptable conditions. We can’t turn the market either, but our many years of work on the energy markets gives us a head start in the network and in personal contacts, so that we can fulfill the orders for our customers despite all the difficulties.

The start of the war in Ukraine temporarily brought the energy markets in Europe to a standstill. The plural markets with sufficient providers of different types and an adequate supply of electricity and gas on the trading venues are no longer foreseeable for the time being.

Strategic purchasing management is gaining in importance when purchasing electricity and gas

Now it is no longer enough to simply ask three suppliers and the energy costs are lower again than last year. A strategic component is becoming increasingly important in order to query the volatile market at the right time with the right measures.

  • Will the price change in the coming weeks?
  • Will we still get contracts at all?
  • What about security of supply?
  • Can we be shut off from electricity and gas despite contract.
  • Which energy suppliers will survive this crisis and not get into trouble themselves.
  • Will there be government support for electricity prices (price cap)

We provide our customers with the answers to these understandable management questions.

With our many years of expertise, we procure primary energy (mostly electricity and natural gas) on the national energy markets in Europe as a service for leading companies in industry and business. DELTA EXERGY is the exclusive regional partner of one of the world’s leading energy specialists for the regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

On behalf of the company, we plan energy procurement and advise on the ideal timing for procurement, depending on current market developments. We carry out the tender with our competence and our work tools.

  • transparency
  • effectiveness
  • maximizing competition
  • Drafting the terms of the contract
  • risk management

The result of the tender is presented to the company together with our professional recommendation for the management decision.

We then accompany the customer throughout the contract changeover to the new supplier.

DELTA EXERGY supports the leading European companies in energy procurement in Slovakian Republic

Global or European industrial companies understand that the commodity energy must be procured just as professionally as all other direct consumer groups. Energy is bought differently than toilet paper and the cost lever is correspondingly high, so that there is a large efficiency lever in the right procurement that should be leveraged entrepreneurially.

Everyone needs energy for the smooth running of the business.

DELTA EXERGY and WORLD KINECT ENERGY are the right and efficient partners for this task.