KINECT ENERGY informs customers and partners about the developments in the EU emissions trading ETS

The European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) has been the EU's central climate protection 
instrument since 2005. With it, the greenhouse gas emissions of the participating energy 
industry and the energy-intensive industry.
In addition to carbon dioxide, laughing gas and perfluorinated hydrocarbons have also been 
included since 2013. The European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) was established in 2005 
to implement the international climate protection Kyoto Agreement and is the central European 
climate protection instrument. Besides the 27 EU member states and UK have also joined 
Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein EU emissions trading connected (EU 31). In the EU-ETS, 
the emissions across Europe are around 11,000 plants in the energy sector and energy-intensive 
industry are recorded. Together these plants cause around 40% of greenhouse gas emissions 
in Europe. Since 2012 the intra-European air traffic included in the EU ETS. ...
The EU-ETS works on the principle of the so-called "Cap & amp; Trade ". An upper limit (cap) 
sets determines how many greenhouse gas emissions from the installations subject to emissions 
trading in total may be expelled. The member states give a corresponding amount of emissions
authorizations to the systems - partly free of charge, partly via auctions. ...
The emission allowances can be freely traded on the market (trade). This forms a price for 
greenhouse gas emissions. This price creates incentives for those involved Companies to 
reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Source: German Federal Environment Agency

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At the end of the year, a new phase begins in the EU ETS ( Emission Trading System ) for the period 2021 to 2030. The participants and obligated companies are preparing for this new section and fulfilling the obligations for the difficult year 2020 to at the end of March 2021.

The experts from KINECT ENERGY Green Services give a detailed overview of the expected developments in supply and demand due to various influencing factors such as the planned shutdowns in the coal industry and economic influences from the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Anette Gussiaas : Director of Sustainability, EMEA @World Kinect Energy Services, Kinect Energy Green Services
  • Trine Braathen : Business Developer Environmental Markets @World Kinect Energy Services, Kinect Energy Green Services

Problems in the EU ETS

The EU ETS is an ambitious push towards more climate protection and climate justice in the key industries that are largely responsible for C = 2 emissions. The system is not perfect and has systematic weaknesses, but it is better than doing nothing and watching the global warming move closer and closer to the 2 ° target.

"As a result of less ambitious caps, crisis-related decreases in production and emissions and 
the extensive use of international project credits has increased a large amount since 2008
excess emission allowances accumulated in the EU ETS. These surpluses have substantial
contributed to the price decline observed for emission allowances between 2011 and 2017.
Prices have risen significantly again since mid-2017. In mid-2020 the price was around
23 euros.
Source: German Federal Environment Agency "


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Energy Sourcing for international Production Sites of CARL ZEISS AG

CARL ZEISS AG in Oberkochen (Germany) is the global High-Tech company of Germanys High-Tech Industry. A magical lens from CARL ZEISS have taken images from Apollo 11 of the Earthrise over the moon – the most wellknown photo ever. Taken with a HASSELBLATT and a CARL ZEISS lens.

NASA – Earthrise by Bill Anders

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"… these state-of-the-art devices make it possible to show the night sky and
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International Production Sites of Carl Zeiss AG

The High-Tech-Group hat worldwide spreadded production sites in

  • USA,
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  • und in der Volksrepublik China

Source: Wikipedia