Privacy policy (Datenschutz)

Due to legal Registration of the responsible company (DELTA ADVICE GmbH) in Germany, we give the Privacy Policy in German language only.

The new Data Protection Ordinance (DS-GVO) was issued as a European Law in all Member States on 25 May 2018. The adoption in the National Law in Germany was completed on 30 June 2017, according to the 25th Annual Protection Act, May 2018 in Kraft tritt. Damit wes d Bundesdatenschutz Gesetz (BDSG) mit Wirkung vom 25. Mai 2018 ebenfalls neu gefasst. The DS-GVO is also a subsidiary body of law, which does not apply to all cases from the BDSG or not.

DELTA ADVICE (and all established organizations) does not require the protection of your personal data. We can do it, we can do our data and we will use it. In addition to the development of our Internet sites and the implementation of new technologies, changes to these data protection statements can also be required. Afterwards, we recommend that these data declarations be refused and subsequently refused.

When accessing the DELTA ADVICE website (see below), no personal data will be recorded. In particular, the IP address of the current host system must be specified. Quantitative measurements of additional information include anonymous data on the individual information items made and stored. It must also be provided in an anonymised form, without the key to the identity of the individual, to the key to the designated persons not being possible.

Our online offer includes links to other websites. We have no investment, in addition to which these data protection claims are present. You must also check the disclosed data protection declarations. The data protection declaration of DELTA ADVICE was adopted on the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and a subsidiary of the data protection regulation (following DS-GVO) with effect from 1 May 2018. The commitments are made by the BDSG, and we are also responsible for any valid version of the BDSG.

Conversion of the website of DELTA ADVICE GmbH

This privacy statement is applicable to all websites within the Regimes of DELTA ADVICE GmbH. Immediately included in DELTA ADVICE.

These are the websites


A change between these websites on the basis of a link or a switching surface requires no change in the data protection rights for the visitor.

The DELTA ADVICE website is available on the following servers:

  • United Domains

The Webhost has processed the data on the server in Germany and is responsible for processing work in advance.

Data processing and data protection policy

DELTA ADVICE has processed regular data

  • within the framework of the management and procurement procedure,
  • in communication within the company
  • in communication with customers, users, companies, partners and other natural and legal persons.

DELTA ADVICE secures the processed data

  • within the company
  • in communication in the company
  • in communication from the company

After the requirements of the BDSG and the protection of personal data, they are affected by us.

DELTA ADVICE has processed personal data by following dimensions:

  • Data processing under the protection of common and machined security standards, including the requirements of the BDSG.
  • Data processing is only required or required to comply with the personal data of personal data, as well as the fulfillment of the activities of DELTA ADVICE GmbH.
  • Data processing is only available in accordance with the provisions of the Data Act.
  • A dispute or sale of personally available data in the data processing of the data subject in this data protection shall be subject to no time limit.

Rights of visitors to websites from the BDSG

The BDSG regulates the rights of users of websites in the context of personal data. The DELTA ADVICE provides all specific BDSG-specific data in its use on its personal data to:

  1. Information requirement for the provision of personal data
    We inform the user of our website for any use of possible storage of personally identifiable data by us, or by the manufacturer / operator of a part of the software (Plug-In, etc.). Transparency of data and communication is implementation. In this data protection line, we are required to write a new point with the data.
  2. Law of the person concerned
    Pursuant to § 34 BDSG (new), persons are required to provide a right to provide data on persons-free data in our hemispheres. Very well received our work.
  3. Right on report
    If you do not have correct data from you, please contact us and we will keep these data up to date.
  4. Right to delete
    Pursuant to § 35 BDSG (new), visitors to our hemispheres are subject to the resolution of personal data. If the data is not made from other legal issues, it must be expressed or dampened, and we must be very happy to receive your wishes.
  5. Reciprocal law
    Pursuant to § 36 BDSG (new), the visit to our hemisphere is a right to return to a recognized application. In our fields, please contact us and we will receive this wish. This is in particular for subscribing to the Fall Newsletter.
  6. Law in conjunction with the automatic decision fixing, in particular the creation of profiles

This right is to visit our Hemispheres in accordance with § 37 BDSG (new). We use an automatic determination or profiling at any position.

Responsibility in DS-GVO

For data processing in DELTA ADVICE GmbH, it is liable as a data protection officer.
Paul Eschbach
Benediktenwandstraße 10
85221 Dachau
Telephone number: +49 89 41 61 65 55

Data protection and data protection in the hemisphere of DELTA ADVICE

DELTA ADVICE and all related companies and organizational areas are involved in data protection and data protection in accordance with the following mechanisms:

  • Access to all IT systems
  • Access to all services and services
  • Running examination of data protection agreements
  • Spatial access protection for IT systems and storage systems
  • Current protection with extended functionalities for the defense of cybercrime
  • SSL on the website

Data processing on websites

On the website of DELTA ADVICE, no personal data will be provided, stored, managed or further submitted.
Websites are available on German web servers for German subscribers.
Visitors to the website have the opportunity to subscribe to a free newsletter. The registration is completed via a double-opt-in method. The e-mail address is indicated, without further admission. Optionally, name a name.

  • No storage or publication of IP addresses is available on the website.
  • On the website, no login of the visitor – this will also be the login of the user. This data is stored or stored. Any login to these special pages is required for general use. With the login, the user is required to save the login data for the session.
  • On the website of DELTA ADVICE, no user accounts are provided, stored, stored or processed in other art and white.
  • On the website of DELTA ADVICE, any cookies are displayed from DELTA ADVICE. The use of cookies in the framework of the tool Jetpack Statistics is compiled in the following section.

Measurement of websites on the websites of DELTA ADVICE

For the use of websites, contributions and other objects on the website of DELTA ADVICE GmbH, we need WORDPRESS statistics on the website on the basis of our interest in

  • the analysis,
  • the optimization and
  • economic operation

our websites in the heart of Art. 6 Abs. 1 the servo-powered Jetpack plugin.
WORDPRESS Statistics Jetpack offers a tool for the anonymized statistical evaluation of the total quantity of visitor certificates.

The tool is from
Automattic, Inc.
132 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco
CA 94107

The Jetpack product uses “cookies”, which are stored on your computer and the analysis of the website’s use is also possible.
The Automattic company has a comprehensive data protection declaration for the functions and processing of the data.”>

This site is available from User on our websites.

Data processing in business

In the normal business of DELTA ADVICE, personalized data must be submitted in the following terms and conditions:

  • E-mail system on the basis of Microsoft Exchange systems
  • Contact data on the basis of Microsoft Exchange systems
  • Requirements and notifications with specific requirements and the notification of specific requirements for taxable documents
  • Employee-specific data for the management of personnel and corporate and accounting data
  • Storage of business documents on a Microsoft OneDrive System

Data processing for advertising purposes

On the websites of DELTA ADVICE, no advertising of the proposed offer is offered. Upon the website of DELTA ADVICE, no personal data may be used for the purpose of advertising, used, or in third-party third-party forms.

Data processing of bank connections on websites

On the websites of DELTA ADVICE, no bank connections are made or used.

Data processing in the shopping system

On the website of DELTA ADVICE, only the shop system works on The registration of the shopkeeper is required in the shop system. In the order in question, the necessary data, such as delivery addresses and contact details (e-mail and telephone) are displayed. Bankverbindungen u.Ä. not be fascinated. The order is paid with payment by the buyer in the form of a bank transfer.

Data and document portal for business clients

DELTA ADVICE GmbH’s business can also be compiled on behalf of DELTA ADVICE GmbH by a personal and protected access to the data and document portal of DELTA ADVICE GmbH.