Energy Procurement for global High-Tech and Elektrotechnoqie Supplier in Czech Republic (2021-2022)

Prediction of the Energy consumption of the next years is not easy for our clients. Many Impacts have to be evaluated for a right starting point of the Energy tender.

"The uplift on the Energy Exchange Price is for the supplier for his expenses,
his Profit, his insurancy, his Portfolio Management and his structuring cost."

Setting the Right conditions in the Energy procurement will directly influence the amount of uplift of suplliers price of Energy.

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Energy Procurement for a global Mechanical Engineering Company in the Czech Republic (2021-2022)

DELTA EXERGY receives the order to support the energy procurement for electricity and natural gas for a leading global specialist in mechanical engineering for the safe operation of large industry with supply points in the Czech Republic and to carry out the energy procurement as external support under a European coordination.

The company specializes in using innovative engineering tasks and its own products to minimize the impact of technical processes on people and the environment by increasing the reliability of technical processes. For the locations in the Czech Republic, energy in the form of electricity and natural gas is required, DELTA EXERGY helps to procure these energies on the market.

For leading companies in industry and economy, we use our many years of expertise to procure primary energy (mostly electricity and natural gas) on the national energy markets in Europe. DELTA EXERGY is the regional, exclusive partner of a leading global energy specialist for the regions of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

On behalf of the company we plan the energy procurement and advise on the ideal timing in the procurement, depending on the current market developments. We carry out the tender with our competence and our work tools.

  • transparency
  • effectiveness
  • Maximize competition
  • Drafting the contractual terms
  • Risk management

The result of the tender is presented to the company together with our professional recommendation for the management decision.

We then accompany the customer in the entire contract changeover to the new supplier.

DELTA EXERGY supports the leading European companies in energy procurement in CZ & SK

Global or European industrial companies understand that commodity energy must be procured as professionally as any other direct consumption group. Energy purchases differently than toilet paper and the cost lever is correspondingly large, so that the right procurement involves a large efficiency lever that should be raised in an entrepreneurial manner.

Everyone needs energy for the smooth running of the business.

DELTA EXERGY and WORLD KINECT ENERGY are the right and efficient partners for this task.

Website DELTA EXERGY is relaunched

The website of DELTA EXERGY has been completely newly pressed out of the box. New design – the same look and feel as DELTA ADVICE and DELTA IMAGE – what else!

More dynamic content

From the beginning in year 2011, the website has been static. The biggest eye, we had on the communication in four languages

  • German
  • English
  • Czech
  • Slovakian

More interaction

with other “DELTA” Websites. It is now easy to switch between the different Domains of DELTA-Group by a simple klick on the Icons at the section

"Connected Web Sites".

Here it is!

Mobile friendly and responive

We have adapted the CMS system of WORDPRESS and the same Theme now also for DELTA EXERGY. In this CMS, it is very easy to offer

  • responsive website layout with a mobile friendly design – easy to use on Smartphones and Tabletts
  • dynamic and actual content for the visitors – now we can also report about present projects and important informations from energy markets
"Enjoy the new Website of DELTA EXERGY. "

Foundation of DELTA EXERGY s.r.o. in Praha

The new company DELTA EXERGY s.r.o. has been founded in Prague. The partnership with bergen based Energy Expert Bergen Energi AS is Opening a new branch of consulting Services for Energy market in Tschech Republic and Slovac Republic. DELTA EXERGY will be the regional and exclusive Partner of Bergen Energi AS for Energy Services in this area.

The a better and transparent segmentation of the consulting Services, we have founded an separate Company for this Services.

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