Energy Procurement for world-leading Supplier of Medical Treatment – Slovak Republic – KINECT ENERGY

DELTA ADVICE receives the order to support the procurement of energy for electricity and natural gas for one of the world’s leading producers of clinical and ambulatory patient care with medical devices for the locations in the Slovak Republic and to carry out the procurement of energy as external support under a European coordination.

After the year of the energy crisis, the global energy markets are recovering bit by bit. Energy prices have fallen under the price caps decided by the European governments and the energy products and price models on offer are more diverse again. Nevertheless, the markets are far from being in the situation they were in before the 2021/2022 energy crisis. These massive upheavals in the national energy markets have left many of the independent energy suppliers on the path of the sharp rise in energy prices and have gone bankrupt. The range of offers has been noticeably reduced and the terms of the offers are worsening for consumers.

With our many years of expertise, we procure primary energy (mostly electricity and natural gas) on the national energy markets in Europe as a service for leading companies in industry and business. DELTA ADVICE is the exclusive regional partner of one of the world’s leading energy specialists for the regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic.

On behalf of the company, we plan energy procurement and advise on the ideal timing for procurement, depending on current market developments. We carry out the tender with our competence and our work tools.

  • Transparency
  • Effectiveness
  • Maximizing competition
  • Drafting the terms of the contract
  • Risk management

The result of the tender is presented to the company together with our professional recommendation for the management decision.

We then accompany the customer throughout the contract changeover to the new supplier.


DELTA ADVICE supports the leading European companies in energy procurement in CZ & SK

Global or European industrial companies understand that the raw material energy has to be procured as professionally as all other direct consumer groups. Energy is purchased differently than toilet paper and the cost lever is correspondingly high, so that the right procurement is a major efficiency lever that must be used entrepreneurially.

The customer is a leading global producer of medical aid products in outpatient and clinical care for patients.

  • Administration
  • Production
  • Shipment
  • Central logistics facilities

Everyone needs energy to run their business smoothly.

DELTA ADVICE and WORLD KINECT ENERGY are the right and powerful partners for this task.