Energy markets: Regulator Reporting for Electricity Market is delivered to Customers for the Czech Republic

Regulatory Reporting Services for Customers in Industry and Economy

Customers need an insight into the price structure of the regulated costs, prices and taxes and the management consultancy in order to be able to optimize each individual cost item with the regulated possibilities.

DELTA ADVICE GmbH creates the regulator reporting for the customers in partnership with WORLD Kinect Energy.

DELTA ADVICE GmbH has completed the reports on regulator reporting for the region of Czech and Slovak Republic for WORLD Kinect Energy customers. The reports are always updated during the year and made available to the customer for his work in energy management.

The customer crisis includes leading global and European customers from business and industry who design and optimize energy consumption in the energy markets in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Large customers and energy consumers need an up-to-date insight into the current laws, regulations and stipulations of the responsible Ministry of Economic Affairs, the regulatory authority and the market operator.

We regularly provide our customers with annual and mid-year contracts

  • a regulatory report for commodity electricity,
  • with all currently applicable fees, prices and taxes in the regulation,
  • an outlook on current topics in the country’s respective energy industry,
  • Analyzes to optimize the total energy costs in the respective commodity.

A special focus is on the Renewable Energies (RES / OZE) in the Czech Republic and the related taxes for electricity customers. The regulator reporting is created by DELTA ADVICE GmbH as a regional, exclusive partner for WORLD Kinect Energy.

Management advice does not include legal or tax advice in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. DELTA ADVICE GmbH is the regional and exclusive partner at World Kinect Energy for the Czech Republic (CZ) and Slovak Republic (SK).

Selected references on the topic

Energy Sourcing for international Production Sites of CARL ZEISS AG

CARL ZEISS AG in Oberkochen (Germany) is the global High-Tech company of Germanys High-Tech Industry. A magical lens from CARL ZEISS have taken images from Apollo 11 of the Earthrise over the moon – the most wellknown photo ever. Taken with a HASSELBLATT and a CARL ZEISS lens.

NASA – Earthrise by Bill Anders

The world of stars in astronomy for you and I into the world leading Planetarium equipments – the first of ist Kind in Planetarium in Deutsches Museum München …

"… these state-of-the-art devices make it possible to show the night sky and
demonstrate planetary motions. Visitors can travel the 13.7 billion years to 
the boundary of the observable universe while making fly-bys of planets and our 
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International Production Sites of Carl Zeiss AG

The High-Tech-Group hat worldwide spreadded production sites in

  • USA,
  • Ungarn,
  • der Schweiz,
  • Mexiko,
  • Weißrussland,
  • Frankreich,
  • Israel,
  • Indien,
  • im Vereinigten Königreich
  • und in der Volksrepublik China

Source: Wikipedia