CO2 (Carbon) Products

We are supporting producers of carbon neutral energy forms and users of carbon certificates for industrial production sites.
Take advantage of being supported by a strong partner in your life cycle carbon certificates. We take care of your carbon footpring.


Offer – your Partner for Carbon Projects

Your process will become our service. Utilize the new possibilities in world-wide energy markets without establishment deep knowledge of “how” and “where”. Take advantage of our energy experts in many European countries. Our experts work daily around the clock on the appropriate strategies for you.
You shall focus on your core business and gain your advantage in your competency field – we will take care of your business processes related to energy procurement and energy management.

DELTA EXERGY is regional and exclusive Partner of KINECT ENERGY Group – former Bergen Energi AS.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Do you need renewable energy certificates to match your mandatory or voluntary targets? We can help you.
We have the ability to source a wide range of renewable energy certificates, such as:

  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US and Europe
  • International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs)
  • Guarantees of Origin (GOO)
  • Renewable Guarantees of Origin (REGO in the UK)
  • Electricity Certificates (Elcerts) for producers in Norway or Sweden

Carbon Trading

EUA’s & CER’s
Seamlessly manage both your carbon exposure and disclosure confidently. From developing a strategy to trading and tracking certificates, we ensure you maximize your carbon Position.

Sustainability Strategy

Are you building a sustainability strategy? We’re the right partner to ensure it’s right for your organization, budget and investment criteria.



Carbon Compliance & Benchmarking

Learn how carbon reduction and compliance strategies can benefit your organization.



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