Energy budget planning for global companies in the Czech Republic

The global and national online business and online shopping have increased for the past 20 years

has laid a fabulous success curve in global growth.

  • In 2000: e-commerce sales of € 1.3 billion in Germany
  • In 2020: e-commerce sales of around € 60 billion in Germany

Every reader can understand this growth by looking at their consumer behavior.

Another industry is growing just as rapidly in the shadow of e-commerce

If you consider that all these goods are packaged multiple times, the market growth of an industry can be traced, which is growing just as rapidly in the shadow of online trading. The packaging industry with the production of packaging and cardboard is also increasing in turnover and sales.

DELTA EXERGY plans the energy costs for a leading packaging company in the Czech Republic

Globally active companies are intensively concerned with optimizing energy costs in their branches around the world; energy in the form of electricity and natural gas are significant cost items for the company.

DELTA EXERGY plans the energy costs for KINECT ENERGY

  • electricity
  • natural gas

in the Czech Republic.

  • Commody cost for electricity and natural gas
  • Network costs
  • Taxes

on all cost items based on the price decisions of the national regulatory authorities and national legislation. For the company, the energy costs can thus be better planned in the company’s overall budget and the local expertise of the globally operating experts of the Kinect Energy Group is ensured.