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BERGEN ENERGI AS is the European biggest independent energy expert with an international expert network on 3 continents. Is active on all importnant energy markets. Since 1991 provides BERGEN ENERGI AS services for more than 1.000 international customers - globally and locally.
is your energy
partner for Czech
and Slovak republic.
Being local partner for
BERGEN ENERGI AS we combine local market knowledge with international experience.
We provide engineering consulting to make more out of energy. Utilize our know-how in the field of energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is one of the most important energy sources and a pillar stone   for sustainable business and industry development.
Energy effiency is not only green worth but also money worth - we convert the   value.
Energy is an expensive commodity - especially for our future generations.

Your benefit in detail
We are supporting producers of carbon neutral energy forms and users of carbon certificates for industrial production sites.
Take advantage of being supported by a strong partner in your life cycle carbon certificates. We take care of your carbon footpring.

Your benefit in detail

Natural gas is the engine   of many industrial   branches, but the   dependency on gas improt   is inreasing.
From our position of a   strong partner we offer you   strategies for risk   management and the   customized gas   procurement.

  Your benefit in detail
We sell no energy, but we put our energy into the Energy Management of our customers. Your business process will become our service.
Electricity has a dedicated   market, where supply and   demand determine a fair   price.
Increase in market   transparency creates more   possibilities for energy   procurement.
Utilize the experience and   know-how of a strong   independent and   international partner for   your new oppurtunities.

  Your benefit in detail
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